Is Sunscreen a Scam?

So when you slather on sunscreen this weekend, how well will it work?

New research claims four out of five brand name sunscreens are ineffective.

In fact, the Environmental Working Group claims the top-selling brands are the poorest performers, with NONE of the market’s leading sunscreen products making the grade for effectiveness and protection against BOTH UVA and UVB radiation.

Industry giants Coppertone, Banana Boat and Neutrogena are all disputing the results.

Click here for the EWG’s “Shopper’s guide to Safer Sunscreens.”

For Girls Only

Buy Tickets NowEliza Bourg   

   If you’re looking for something fun and fulfilling to do this Saturday with your American Girl, try an afternoon Tea For Three at the Movies.

   I’ll be at Ballantyne Village Theater emceeing this imaginative fundraiser for the Make a Wish Foundation.

   See the new film, meet Eliza Bourg – and help her make one more dream come true!

Click here for tickets!

My Carbon Footprint…

I’m committed to driving less.  Even though our car gets great gas mileage.  And I’m hoping driving less will mean living more.

So today, for the first time, we parked the car and rode the bus downtown.  Talked with a girl named April at the bus stop.  Memorable, sweet moments with a young lady looking forward to everything life has to offer.

She informed me I was at the wrong stop.  And since the bus was early, I missed it.  Then the one I was supposed to be on broke down.  CATS to the rescue with a bus that took us straight into the Center City.  Read the paper.  Met a gal named Brittany from our church on the bus, too.

I’m buying a 10-ride pass to try this again.

Because none of this great stuff happens when I’m in the car all by myself.  And it only cost me $1.30.

The Salmonella Outbreak

It may NOT be the tomatoes.  The number of people sickened by salmonella nationwide is now more than 800.  The outbreak is widening.

This weekend, the CDC and FDA are checking to see if tomatoes really are to blame.

From the beginning, some patients told doctors the tomatoes they ate were in salsa and guacamole.  Since then, the FDA began urging consumers to avoid raw red plum, red Roma, or round red tomatoes – particularly those grown in Florida and New Mexico.

But tonight, as the outbreak continues and the facts change, the record outbreak may be blamed on another ingredient, or a warehouse somewhere contaminating newly harvested tomatoes.

See the CDC or the FDA for the latest information.

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