Don’t Let it Die


What an incredible REVIVAL season we’re in. And as Pastor Steven preached on the final night we know that the success of revival is not measured in the seed that was sown – we know that was incredible, right? It will be revealed in the fruit. Potential has been planted in each of us, now it’s up to us to bring it to power in our lives.

Our Elevation Outreach teams are working in this season to get new events on line each day so that you have the opportunity to “See what God can do through you” in outreach.

You are stronger, braver, wiser, and more loving than you were before. Let’s bring that revival spirit with us to work, school, and to our outreach partners. Sign up and SERVE today.

Author: Tonia B Lyon

Guiding and developing leaders to connect their heads, hearts, and hands to change the world.

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