Screenshot 2014-09-12 10.19.04When does it begin?

That feeling we’re never quite ready.

That feeling that screams we’re never quite _____ enough.

Not smart enough. Not experienced enough. Not organized enough.

In one of my all-time favorite sermons from Pastor Steven Furtick, called “Cancel the Audition” we are reminded that if we are followers of Christ – Jesus has already chosen us. We are ready for whatever he has called us to do. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” “But I am too young…” says the voice of insecurity in Jeremiah. And the Lord says, “Do not say I’m too young. Go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.” (Paraphrased from Jeremiah 1:4-10)

Pastor Steven preached that to us in 2012 – and I’m still fighting back those feelings of not being quite ready. I AM ready. Just saying it out loud gives me courage.

This day – let’s choose together to be ready. Not ready with a question mark. But ready with a period. It’s crazy how much difference the punctuation can make.

Say it with me, brave friends. “I am ready.”

(This post is inspired by an inspired group of blogging ladies my lovely left coast sister helped me connect to. Find out more about Five Minute Friday here.)

Author: Tonia B Lyon

Guiding and developing leaders to connect their heads, hearts, and hands to change the world.

5 thoughts on “Ready.”

  1. I so want to feel this way. The other day my husband commented that I used to be so organized and together before the kids came. Now I lose things, forget things and sometimes decide I just don’t care. I know that the strength I need is available to me, I just can’t quite figure out how to access it when I need it. I know I’m not the only one who leaves church feeling strong and then by Sunday afternoon wants to quit. Thanks for sharing these encouraging words today.

    1. Praying for you right now, Bethany. I lose things, forget things, and struggle with apathy sometimes, too. Lysa TerKeurst’s new book “The Best Yes” is a great one if you haven’t picked it up yet. Can I send it to you? I’ll email you for your address. I’m finding the most important thing I can do every day is to take care of myself. To get (daily) time with God, to invite him into my everyday frustrations, to exercise (for even just 10 minutes a day) and to share the struggles with other Godly women (like you!) has made all the difference. You are enough. You are SO brave.

  2. Hi Tonia! My name is Cameron Von St. James and I had a quick question for you! I was wondering if you could email me at your earliest convenience at cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com 🙂 I greatly appreciate your time!!

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